Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 3 Task: Create a Delicious page

This is my delicious account for the course:
I was surprised to see many participants who do not use delicious. I know their feeling of frustration before delicious. I can tell how happy they are discovering this magic tool. Actually, I can apply exactly how I felt in 2006, when I lost ALL my PhD documents in a second. The computer technician “thought” I wanted to format my computer “with” the other drives. I spend nearly a year before starting to think to do a PhD. I changed the topic.
Anyway, delicious is really my best tool, together with Google docs, with which I can travel anywhere without having to think about taking my laptop with me. Briefly, I love this tool because it allows me to:
Finding my saved links, whenever and wherever, with one click. I have the delicious buttons installed to both my Firefox/IE browsers.
Organizing my tags into bundles.
Exporting my saved links to/from different delicious accounts.
Searching for information and up-to-date Web 2.0 tools.
Organizing links with the settings’ feature.


  1. Hello Hala!

    So, I understand you have been using Delicious for quite a long time. Lucky you! It's terrible to lose everything in a second. I know the feeling as it happened to me many times. Now, thanks to this course and its great resources, I feel much safer. As you said, I don;t have to worry I don;t have my laptop with me: I have all I need.

    It's great we keep in touch: this is the aim of our blogs, actually (in my opinion) - communicating, sharing, finding out.

    I wish you all the best,

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  3. Hi Nadinne,
    Absolutely! Sharing, communicating and forming communities of practices is how we best learn.
    Keep in touch:-)

  4. Hello Hala

    All I could say when I read your post was OMG (Oh my gosh!), an expression I picked up from my twenty-two year old daughter. I can only imagine what turmoil you must have gone through when you lost all your PhD docs! I would like to wager however, that the topic you chose anew is more enjoyable? I have great faith in divine intervention and often, we are steered in a different direction for a reason that only becomes apparent much later.

    Would love to know...

    I must admit I am in awe of all you guys who are so 'Net savvy'. I am quite the ignoramus in this respect so you are quite right when you make mention of how happy some of us are to be introduced to Delicious.

    I also think you must be great to meet in person, you and Evelin. You both sound like the ringleaders of our group; you both have such effervescent personalities!

    Great blog!

  5. It's my turn to say "Oh my God!" for those sweet words about me. I too have faith in divine intervention. We call it Allah's will (God's Will), but one has to believe its for his best when something like this happen. Yes, my new topic was a lot fun for me. The first was about teacher professional development. This one, which I am supposed to defend before the end of this course, is about the impact of using blended learning in teaching task-based writing at the tertiary level.
    I don't see my self as a leader in the field of using technology. Everyday, I watch/see/witness new tools or theories being put into practice. So, I find ,myself longing to more and m,ore learning. It's about being a greedy learner:-).
    Thanks again,
    Let's keep in touch,