Friday, April 16, 2010

Week 2 (12 - 18 April): The ABCD Learning Objectives Framework and Effective Web Searches

This week
was tough for me!
We had four tasks this week: a discussion, a task, and a course task that we did on Nicenet, and our reflective post on our blogs (plus a comment on someone else's blog).
This post is considered as the last task!

As I wrote in my post, I have always been aware of, and worried about,  my weak area; that is; writing a well, planned lesson plan in which the writing of clear objectives is the most difficult part.  This week, I've learned how to set my objectives using Audience (A), Behavior (B), Condition (C), and Degree of Mastery (D). Note: I believe that if Nicenet had a feature of adding colours to new postings, that would have made it easier to go back to old threads and continue reading the newest ones. Also, I wonder if we will be receiving a zipped file for all the links shared, the links to our blogs, etc. For how long we will continue have access to the course platforms after the course finishes?

Links I shared

: 1. Searching the Web:A vedio created by Camatasia

2.Digital Bloom's Visual

3.Classifying Objectives

4.Bloom et al.'s Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain

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  1. Salam Hala,
    Your post is interesting. ABCD objestive approach to lesson planning is something new I have discovered in the course. It's important to have clear objective for a class before hand. Hoever, I see that formulating objectives in this ways (one-sentence objective) looks too general as they are not illustrated and explained clearly. Is it enough to say "the student" to give an idea about the class you are teaching? This is only an example. I might be wrong. Please do correct if if I am.