Thursday, April 15, 2010

Building Teaching Skills: Week 1 overview

From the email I received from Deborah: Week 1 overview, I have learned a very useful technique in online learning. I used to give my students rubrics, but I have ever evaluated them after week 1, neither provided weekly assessment. I was glad to know about how I did in my first week of the course.This helped, encouraged and motivated me to work harder to keep up the same good results. Or, it could have been the opposite. To work hard to improve my performance in order to do better next week if the grading was weak. It was also great to know about SnapGrades Gradbook. Excellent!
What a fun way to learn!


  1. Hello Hala!

    i share your idea about the importance of using rubrics as assessment. The rubrics we were offered as examples were really helpful for me, and I will try to make similar ones for my students - like this, having them beforehand, I avoid any uncertainty, any comments, any interpretation.


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