Friday, April 16, 2010

Week 2 (12 - 18 April): The ABCD Learning Objectives Framework and Effective Web Searches

This week, week 2, in addition to learning about the ABCD Learning Objectives Framework, which I reflected about below, I learned about the existence of different search engines, e.g. Virtual, SurfWax, 'intute' and 'INFOMINE'
Also, it was my first time to hear about NoodleTools' Finding the Best Search for Information Needs. All my life, I have been using Google only, as the most reliable and comprehensive web search engine tool. For me, using NoodleTools' for academic search could really save time, because of having different themes on one page, provides a complete tutorial section, promote autonomous and independent learning.
I also learned how to describe my class, in terms of population, setting, course goal, student needs.
In doing all the above, I used to refer back to the guidelines and discussion rubric.

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