Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 3 (19 - 25 April): Skill-building Websites for Oral/Aural Skills and

It was spending some time in further exploration of the setting on Delicious. I also spent extra time in deep exploration of Randall's listening lab, my favorite! I've seen how he keeps constant updates to his website. I enjoyed listening to his son in one the activities. Innovation! I wonder how "digital" his son will be when he grows up!
As I wrote on my post, my teaching philosophy when using technology with my students is   considering  tech as a tool only, to show them the path that will lead them, by their own, to go autonomously, forward for more exploration. Again, as  I wrote on my post,  After reading "The pedagogy-technology interface in Computer Assisted Pronunciation Training.", I reached a conclusion that all seems promising when it comes to treading the theory part. However, when it comes to the practice phase, this is where all what I've learned will "hit the floor", as we say in Arabic.

1. The Pedagogy-Technology Interface in Computer-Assisted Language Learning (academic article)
2. Best Practices in Technology and Language Teaching
Links shared:
Phonetics:The sounds of American English
Cambridge English Online


  1. Dear Hala,

    I agree with you that technology is a tool not "a teacher" as Dennie (2009) puts it. But don't you think that this tool is a double-edged sword?

    It is true that technology might have enhanced autonomous learning but hasn't it also dehumanized interaction? In other words, we interact with a machine that has no independent thoughts or feelings that a human person has. Does this lead to negative consequences?




    Dennie Hoopingarner (2009):

  2. Hello Hala,

    nice ideas shared in your post. I totally agree with you that theory is different from practice. Virtually, I know how to fly a plane, because I read about it on the internet. Practically, I am lost in front of the panel board with thousands of lights and buttons...well, the same thing happens when we speak about technology and when we use it. However, I consider it a positive thing: it's a tool which can improve our life in so many different ways. But, I never forget that the computer is a good servant, but a bad master. It's up to us to use it wisely.

    Best wishes,

  3. Salam Mohamed,
    I am sorry, but I can not agree with you. It's the Web 1.0 that you are describing, the "interaction wit ha machine", when all the websites were static and no one can add anything. Retrieving information was the only trend. Now, we are using Web 2.0 and the Web 3.0. WE are the Web now. The USERS are the ones who are "creating",shaping and formulating the web, not the software. It's we, the "humanware", with our feelings and motions that forms the new innovative use of the old-invented Web.
    Thanks for dropping by.
    See you around,

  4. Hi Nadina,
    Actually, it's up to us to use any invented tool wisely.The Web is the most important invention in history. The world is a village. It's total stupidity from our side if we didn't use it wisely.
    Thanks for passing by.
    See you around,