Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week 7 (17-23 May): Large Classes and Interactive PowerPoint - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

I have learned a lot this week!
This week, we had a discussion on technology and large classes, a task to create an interactive PPP, and a course task to be done on Nicenet, together with our reflections on private and others’ blogs.I posted a call for a partner, but he didn't show up until now:-). Our projects should be ready before 28/5/2010.

I enjoyed the readings of this week, although time was not enough to read them all. From the readings, I've learned that, unfortunately, my PPP were not interactive as they should be! After all the reputation I had among my colleagues. Wait until they hear this!!! I realized how much talk I spent during presenting. Thank Allah I've not started yet using PPP in my classroom at the university. I don't use the bullets, too much wordings, sound, animations, etc. Yet, I was not used to link my presentation to online quizzes or to creating games.
I have created an interactive PowerPoint presentation and uploaded it to
Also, I learned about "How to give Interactive Lectures", "Interactive Teaching Methods"I think now to use an online free tool to pre-record a 8-12 minute mini lesson that would cover one simple point in the coming lecture. This will help a large class to come ready for the lecture, with additional comments or questions.I am thinking about VoiceThread or Ustream.


  1. Dear Hala,

    one of the best things which can help us are the interactive power-points. I like them very much and I am eager to see my students' reactions when I will introduce them in my teaching. I hope you will share your mates' and students' impressions as like this we are able to learn more and more every day. I have designed another power-point presentation for one of my (favorite) colleagues and I could see the difference between his presentation and mine - interactive.

    Warm wishes,

  2. Hello, Hala!

    Every time, looking at your pictures in the post I was wonder where do you get them. Exactly for the topic of our week.
    Now I understood - you use the photo generator -
    I like it, I was playing with some my last pictures during half of hour!
    I even post one at my blog!
    Thank you!!!


  3. Hi Ruslana,
    I am glad you like my selection of the images I add to my posts. I LOVE images. They can tell more sometimes than words.
    Actually, I don't just use imagechef. I use Flickr, Google images or Royal photos website.
    Happy imaging,

  4. Hi Nadinne,
    I too started to go back to my previous presentations and compare.I find big difference in terms of the PP interactivity. I truly got much benefit from this week., or actually all previous weeks:-)
    See you around,