Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week 6 (10 - 16 May): Rubrics, Alternative Assessment, and Learning Styles

Although I have spent little time on this week's readings and tasks(I'll get a big Zero, I know), but I am feeling really happy.I finally got my PhD on Saturday May 15, 2010. It was truly a SUCCESS!!!It was supposed to be three days earlier, but the external examiner's nephew had a car accident and passed away. It had to be postponed to Saturday, allhamdull-Allah. I will never forget this week in which my defended my 3 and a half years' journey.;-))))

I am trying to catch up very quickly on what I've missed. I managed to read about rubrics as part of alternative assessment tools and about learning styles. Although the Internet speed was slow, I manged to create a rubric for paragraph writing. In this task, I learned that if I want to use one of those online websites for creating rubrics, In have to finish it all as a Word document then copy/paste. It took me almost half a a day.
About leaning styles, I was very excited to learn how technology ca help, when properly integrated, in involving all students with different learning styles into engaging tasks.The readings for this week were perfectly chosen and covered this week's objectives thoroughly. Again, I bookmarked some for further readings.
Our work on the projects should start this week. I didn't. I will start on week 7, which is already NOW!!!


  1. Dear Hala,

    You've got a great excuse for being a bit late - and you're well deserving of great congratulations! It's quite an achievement, and you should be very proud of making it through the academic trial by fire.


  2. Dear Deborah,
    It's been a tough time for the last two weeks, but thank God, I've made it!!
    Truly, I AM very proud of myself, as well as all the members of my family, friends and kids.
    Thank you for the words of encouragement, and fro all the hard work you are doing with us in the course.
    I am enjoying the trip:-)

  3. Dear Hala,

    congratulations, you really deserve them! You are an example, a wonderful one.

    I am glad I have got this chance of meeting you and thank you for sharing your emotions and victory.

    All the best,

  4. Dearest Nadine,
    Thank you for your warm words.
    Let's keep in touch. I will ask Deborah if she can create a folder for our database including Skype ID, facebook and Twitter accounts. What do yo uthink?
    thanks again and good luck to you:-)

  5. Dear Hala,

    I would really like to keep in touch with you and our mates. There are great people from all the corners of the world who have something to say. It's a pity simply to finish the course and vanish somewhere in the air.

    Your idea is great, to have a folder with contact details.

    Once again, I wish you all the best,


  6. Dear Hala,

    Mabruk!!! I am SO happy for you and I know how proud you must be for this great achievement. Don't worry about the coursework... everything in due time. I must say I kept checking your Blog last week to find out any news about your PhD defense and I was very impatient to find out -- so I can't even imagine what it must have been like for you and your family. :)

    Blessings for your future,

  7. Dear Ellen,
    Thank you sooo much for thinking about me and about my PhD defense day. It was GREAT! I started crying from the minute he said" congratulations", went on during his reading parts of the report to me saying how impressed he was and until the committee started to congratulate me at the end. It was moments to remember.
    Thanks again