Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week 5 (3-9 May): Project-based Learning and WebQuests

Below are our week 5 assignments, in addition to our weekly reflection on
our blogs:
1. Describe a potential change
2. Reading and discussion: Project-based learning and WebQuests
3. Create a technology-enhanced project or WebQuest. We were asked to  find one that will work and share the link, including why we think it will work for your students, or to give an outline of what  we would do in a WebQuest and why).
I started late in doing my tasks. My PhD defense day is on Wednesday 12/5/2010!! YES! I am afraid, confused, stressed, not confident, healthy unfit,  and uncomfortable. I have to prepare everything in advance, in addition to renting a car this time. I can't take the bus like the previous time. Aaaah! My husband will drive. I am not sure I can concentrate.I did my best to spend the whole day today to finish so I can concentrate on reading and studying for the coming three days.
Well here is what I've  learned this week:
-I've learned that it's better to write "WebQuest"instead of "webquest".
-Regarding the technology related changes I want to introduce in my class I posted that  I need to learn about  the use of audio podcasts (with Audacity and podmatic)  and creating  tutorials for my students (using  Camatasia or Jing).

-From the suggested readings and others reflections, I learned about the template and stages of webquests (introduction, task, process, evaluation and conclusion). I also got to know that project-based learning  help students become more autonomous learners when their teacher lead them all through the way of the project development stages above, which reflect the real-world practices. They experience the stage of exploration, expansion, evaluation and explanation to devise a response to an instructive problem with a technology-based teaching item. PBL involves the engagement of students in authentic tasks, exploration of open-ended professional situations while they are also experiencing collaborative work and valuing several foundations of production and assessment.Regarding the change in  teacher-student relationship in a class, webquests will help then to be engaged, collaboratively, in projects. Students will also receive additional instructional support from their teachers. The teacher’s old role will be transformed to a facilitator, from “a sage on the sage to guide by the side”.
- I was longing to create my won WebQuest. Unfortunately, I couldn't because of lack of time. I will for sure do it before the end of the course.  I would like to have Deborah and the others to comment on it. Now to studying!!!

Links Shared:
Lowry, Erin . (2008). Approaches to Learner Autonomy in Language Learning.

Below is the project created with my students. Check it out here. And here is the link to the International project.


  1. Dear Hala,

    I wish you all the best with your PhD defense on Wednesday! I am sure you'll do well!

    What issue do you hope to tackle by using podcasts?



  2. Dear Hala,

    It is SO exciting to hear that you will do your PhD defense Wednesday! How can you even THINK about our "Building Teaching Skills..." course? You AMAZE me that you are keeping up with everything, the assignments on time etc. WOW!

    Thanks for your links on your blog here, I've been checking some of them out.

    May God bless you and give you safety as you drive and success in your dissertation and future academic life!


  3. Dear Hala,

    cross my fingers for you and be sure everything will be fine. It's normal to feel stressed and worried.. but don't forget that diamond are made under great pressure.

    Good luck and all the best,

  4. Dear Hala,

    This is Asmaa from Oman. Wish you all the best in your PhD defense day. Wish I could follow you soon, well after the Master degree.

    This week seems full of events for all. This is our last week at school and we are preparing for the tests and I am saying BYE for my students because I am going to leave them for one year and hopefully more. Regarding assignments for this week I think we need to think carefully and plan it well. You are doing great.

    All the best,


  5. Thank you all for the warm wishes. You made my day! Your words will push me forward.
    Ellen- I have to think about the course. No excuses:-) right? I have no choice:-( What keeps me going is the load of GREAT information and knowledge I acquire from the course. It's irresistible!
    May God provide us with all the strength and power to be able to make change in our families and socity.

  6. Salam Asmaa,

    Shukran Jazeelan for your wishes. You made my day!
    I wish you luck with your MA. So, we will be seeing each other a lot starting next week,right? I am not satisfied with my tasks this week, but I did my best to spare sometime to read and finish my tasks on time.
    See you around,

  7. Hi Hala,

    wish you all the best with your PhD defense. Someone who's tough as you are can make it without doubt. Your persistence inspires me.
    "Podcasts" and "tutorials using Camatasia or Jing" are two things I haven't heard of, could you please enlighten me, but after Wednesday.

    Good luck again


  8. Dear Hala,

    Wish you all the best with your PhD defense-you will do great-Inshallah. Thanks for commenting on my passion for documenting minor languages. I have recently got funding for documenting the local stories of my native language which is wonderful-Alhamdullilah!

    I liked webQuest too this week because it helps teachers and students to be on track which is difficult otherwise.

    Best of luck again


  9. Assalamu Alaykum
    Hi Dr Hala,
    I`m a lucky woman to be your student.
    I appreciate what you have don for us.You gives us the best, and you try to teach as much asyou can, no matter if it isn`t in our cours.Thank you my teacher.
    Your student: Aisha Al Rasheedi
    My best wishes

  10. Salam Aisha,

    Thank you for dropping by and exploring my blog.
    You are a model to all the students here. Keep up the good work.
    Dr. Hala