Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Project Time! We have to be very specific!!!‏

I am struggling with my project:-) Feet swollen, exams should be written and a baby in the womb is kicking!!! I've just felt that I would like to add this post just for fun!!
Hi...Here is an OFFICE MEMO:
May all members of staff please note that there will Only be one drink per person  at this year's Annual Party.
And please bring your own cup !

And what happened at the annual party !!!
The specifications were missing in the memo (size of cup). Moral of the story: Be very specific in your daily life including project work. Give specific specifications.


  1. Dear Hala,

    congratulations for everything, for the exam, for the baby, for the project... Very nice idea with the annual party! I will keep it in mind. You made me laugh and I thank you!

    All the best,

  2. I wonder, why cups are so small.....

    Hello from Ruslana

  3. Hello Hala,

    Congratulations for the baby! We all have some paperworks to do this week.I think the exams are the most tiring part of teaching. I am looking forward to see your project report on Wiki. I am sure you have done great job.



  4. Hi.
    Yes, we have to be specific in everything and your picture is a good reminder of it:)
    I also worry about the project because it is the most responsible part of our study and we have to demonstrate what we learned here and what we can give to our students. I have never thought that technology implementation should consider everyting and you have to thoroughly to use it even in one lesson.

    Good luck with your project!